248 4th St.
Morden MB R6M 1P1


Saturday, 01 September 2018 17:59

“Finding Darkness and Light” Lori Lofgren

Lori Lofgren’s work is an investigation into how light and shadow can alter our emotional perspectives, and change how we feel in our ostensibly safe places. Each piece is a representation of the moment immediately before, or following a disturbing event. This series of small-scale sculptures represent the dualities of emotion in relation to environment, scale, and the uncanny. Dualities often appear within disturbing scenes: love and hate, wealth and poverty, reality and fiction, friend and foe, secrets and discovery, life and death. These dichotomies occur as a cause or an effect of each relationship or event. This series represents those tensions by using light and shadow to both induce and highlight the uncanny. Light and shadow can create a sense of anticipation in any environment, and their contradictions often shape the way we experience even the most familiar spaces.

Additional Info

  • Month: Saturday, 01 September 2018
  • Location: City of Morden
  • Type: Arts and Culture
  • Address: Pembina Hills Art Gallery Morden