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Friday, 01 June 2018 21:18

I Know Button



Central Manitoba Tourism will join with tourism partners in promoting your passion to visitors that travel around the region.

The buttons will engage icebreaker conversations between tourist and service providers (businesses). People who wear the buttons will have a passionate knowledge of their area of interest, thus providing the tourist with a better understanding of local attractions, museums, sports, events and festivals. Visitors will ask tourism related questions and have one-on-one time conversation with Central Manitoba regional volunteer specialist.

Five radio stations will promote the ''I Know' marketing campaign starting June 18th just in time for families to start planning their summer vacations.

For information and buttons please call Central Manitoba Tourism @ 1-877-324-6645

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Additional Info

  • Month: Friday, 01 June 2018
  • Location: City of Morden
  • Type: Summer
  • Address: Throughout The Central Tourism Region