248 4th St.
Morden MB R6M 1P1


Thursday, 25 October 2018 14:34

Dear Rouge • Modern Space • The Treble

If there’s one constant in life, it’s this: nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable, for better or for worse—it’s the sinister shadow lurking behind the sunniest day, the silver lining that offsets every cloud. That mutability is something with which the members of Dear Rouge are intimately familiar. Since putting out their debut EP in 2012, Drew and Danielle McTaggart have been on a somewhat breathtaking upward trajectory. That independent release led to another one, and the accolades began to flood in: a B.C.–based radio award, songwriting prizes, a sweet record deal, charting singles, and a 2016 Juno for Breakthrough Group of the Year followed in short order.

Additional Info

  • Month: Thursday, 25 October 2018
  • Location: City of Morden
  • Type: Performing Arts
  • Address: pin Access Event Centre 111-D Gilmour Street, Morden, Manitoba