Marketing Excellence Award

Adrienne Hofer, Styled with Meraki – Portage la Prairie Sign Wars

Southport is pleased to nominate Adrienne Hofer, Styled with Meraki, for the Marketing Excellence Award. During the last two years most businesses and people have been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has left an opportunity for businesses and people to think creatively to boost the morale in the community.

Adrienne loved the idea and thought of other businesses that would participate and started the fun with Tornado’s. Over 25 businesses, including Southport, started making fun signs and responses, following in Adrienne’s steps. This idea proved to have great community involvement and gave businesses an opportunity for great advertising. With the success of sign wars it is likely that this initiative will reoccur.


Zack Zaharia & Mika Cavers – Clearwater Junction Restaurant

Clearwater Junction Restaurant is located in a small village of only 80 people but don’t kid yourself it has made a name for itself with milkshakes! Yes you heard right, milkshakes. This little restaurant draws people from all over Manitoba because their milkshakes are so darn good. The pictures, the social media, the taste! Zack Zaharia and Mika Cavers have been running this restaurant for just over 2 years and put this restaurant on the map.

Milkshakes are not the only thing that brings people to this sweet spot. In 2020 Clearwater Junction Restaurant won Louise Burger week with their “Cluck Norris” an incredible hand-breaded, homemade sauced, piled high and messy chicken burger.

Their social media presence gets paid attention too and locals are beyond proud of this jumping joint.

One walk on the Clearwater Skyway or hike on the lesson from the land trail and you will see people from all over, milkshake in hand. The draw from all over the province comes from their incredible social marketing and flair for taking a simple milkshake and burger and making it famous by using quality ingredients, skill in recipe development and their genuine love of what they do.


Explore Morden Winkler – Poutine Week/Pizza Week/Appetizer Week

These events organized and promoted by Explore Morden Winkler showcased local restaurants and put their chefs to the test, coming up with their version of the most intriguing, mouth-watering morsels to rally the community in support of food, small business, and creativity.