Cypress River Millenium Park

Cypress River Millenium Park is a wetlands preservation area on Highway 2 in the @rmofvictoria.
Placed on the @thegreattrail, It’s the perfect spot to do some bird watching, spot all kinds of wildlife, has lots of grassy space, and a shelter for a picnic! Bring some nets and buckets to do some critter dipping to see how this ecosystem thrives or just stop and listen to all of the activity around you. How many different types of critters can you spot?


Crokicurl combines two iconic Canadian pastimes, crokinole, and curling, to become an exciting outdoor sport!

The object of the game is to accumulate the most points by shooting the rock into the center button and positioning the rocks on the playing surface so they remain within the highest-scoring circle at the end of the round.

DIY Curling Rocks will be available on Saturdays and Sundays. If you would like to play outside that time, you can make
your own!

The Manitoba World War 1 Museum

Get a sense of what life was like by walking in a simulated trench network with a no-man’s land. Experience seasonal exhibits with a behind the lines Headquarters and encampment. Visit the Artefact Room to inspect dozens of uniforms and artifacts used by soldiers of the Great War.

Join us August 8, 2021, at A Day in the Trenchesto witness Living History Presenters demonstrate various aspects of the Great War

Open Weekends (June 1 to September 15, 2021)

1200hrs to 1600hrs

Location 3 Miles West of La Riviere

Turn right off Hwy 3 at Rd 58W

One Mile North right at Rd 16N

Located on the premises of the Silver Springs Bed and Breakfast.

Delta Beach

Located on the south shores of Lake Manitoba, this location offers four seasons of adventure!

Junkyard Dogs

Based out of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, the Junkyard Dogs Cycling Club (JYD) is the longest-running cycling club in the city. Enjoy their trails year-round on bike or cross country skis.


La Perdrix Trails

The La Perdrix Trails are located just south of Notre Dame de Lourdes on PTH 244. These trails were first in use 20 years ago or so, and were refurbished by Birch Mountain Sports Inc in autumn 2018. These beautiful trails are wooded amid gently rolling terrain with classic tracks on 3.5KM of groomed trails.

Pumpkin Creek Ski Club

The Pumpkin Creek Ski Club with trailhead, parking lot, and shelter building is located ~4 km west of Roseisle on the Valley Road. There are 20K of well-groomed classic trails along the scenic creek and through hilly terrain, with shorter and longer loop options. This trail is perfect for easy and intermediate skiers.

Bittersweet Ski Trails

Bittersweet Ski Trails just north of Treherne offers over 20 kilometers of classic trails and 12 kilometers of skate trails that wind with the landscape across the prairies and through the woodlands offering a unique journey along the shores of the Assiniboine.

Burwalde Trails

Located between Morden and Winkler. Their trails are groomed for both classic and skate skiing. Club membership fees support the operation and maintenance of these trails.